The man who gave me fear and took it back!

August 22, 2014

Today is Day 11 of the penniless hitchhiking journey from Mumbai to Delhi. I am currently sitting at Seva Cafe – a place which changed my life few years back and I will write about Seva Cafe soon. But for now let me share with you about a man who scared me on the night of Day 6 of my journey and the same man made me fearless.


It was a beautiful night, wind was flowing and trucks were creating music on the highway of Kadodra. I saw an empty plot on the highway with a big board of a builder’s name and a small office built next to it. There was a roof outside the office, which was enough to save me in case it rains in night while I am in my sweet dreams. I took out the sleeping bag and made my backpack as my pillow. After 30 minutes I heard some noise, which woke me up. I saw a man sitting 5 meters away from me and staring at the backpack. He did made scared me with his silence. A minute after, I hear his voice and he said, “Actually, I sleep here every night!” I looked into his eyes and said, “No problem, I will go away and you can have you space back.” He fumbled and said, “No, No, it is fine. We can share the floor and he went to sleep.” I started thinking was if in the middle of the night he asks me to leave. After 30 minutes, he wakes me up and asked, “If I have paper or a cloth so he can clean the floor.” I gave him a piece a cloth and we started taking. We spoke for 15 minutes and the fear, which was in my heart disappeared.

So the man who made me fear sometime back, is the same man who made me fearless. And this was possible because we spoke, we communicated and with the help of which our heart connected. At the end we both said good night and had saw a wonderful sunrise when we woke up by the highway.


And yes as you read in my last post which I wrote while sitting at Mc’Donald (Kadodra Highway), the employees did serve me food when I said, “I do not have money and I am hungry!” So I would like to thank you Mr Vivek from there for being kind to me.




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