Leap of Faith in Atlanta (USA)

July 3, 2017

Please meet one of first four humans who gave me hugs in Atlanta. They were kind to share their time & knowledge about the city and their vibes made me feel amazing about life. In the middle of our conversations, I realized that the printer is low on ink and I was not in the situation to leave the spot. In a spilt of second - one of them, Abby, offered to go & buy some cartridges for me and gift me. I was taken by surprised with her generosity. But I knew I couldn't accept that gift from Abby. Next moment, my hands automatic took the currency card and gave it to her so Abby can use the card to buy the cartridge. I am not sure why I gave her the card, why I took leap of faith on her but I guess the hugs which I received earlier from Abby and friends were magical - which made me give the card to the people whom I met 15 minutes ago! ❤️




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